Beaches in Malta

Beaches in Malta One of the soul things about having an accommodation in malta and staying in one of the hotels in malta is its beaches. In the island...


Dalyan (Turtle Beach) – Ortac...

Dalyan, a town in the town of beauty interest. Köyceğiz Lake (in Turkey, Dalyan is called for short) is located in this area. Iztuzu can be reached...


Butterfly Valley Beach – Feth...

Ideal for a quiet and humble holiday. Can be reached by sea, the beach, dozens of famous type of butterfly, one to one for those who enjoy camping hol...


Ölüdeniz (Dead Sea) – Fethiye...

Turquoise sea, in a lively nature, generous Oludeniz beach, and here we ... Preferable in terms of transportation and accommodation conditions. Ovacik...



Things to Do in Izmir

Izmir is Turkey's third largest city, a major port city established in the shores of the Aegean Sea. Izmir is a rapidly developing industry ...



Mykonos Island

Greek islands of Mykonos Island's most exclusive island. Aegean Sea, this island's most colorful nig...

Things to Do in Izmir

Izmir is Turkey’s third largest city, a major port city established in the shores of the Aegean Sea. Izmir is a rapidly developing industry in the field of tourism is also an important place. Historical and natural beauties, its geographical location, fairs and festivals, sea, sand and water, as well as many valuable feature Pearl of the Aegean and Izmir.

      Izmir welcomes many visitors each year thanks to its tourism potential. Cesme, Foca, such as Pergamon and towns have extremely important in terms of tourism, tourists tempted by the city. Aegean sea, in the Izmir with 629 km of coastline, 101 km of natural beach and swim, the water and is suitable for those who want to enjoy the sun. Naturally, this region has evolved a great deal of water sports. Cesme-Alacati, especially where windsurfing is one of the world’s leading centers of surfing.

   Izmir, with a rich culture with historical monuments, but also is home to several museums. Archaeological Museum of Izmir, Izmir Ethnography Museum, Izmir Ataturk Museum, Izmir museums like the Museum of History and Art thanks closely examine the many historical artifacts.

Which is one of the places frequently seen in buildings of the Ottoman period Kemeralti, historical and religious structures and parts of the city’s culture is one of high value. Frequently visited by tourists, especially many kinds of products can be found in this market.

   Izmir, Agora, Bergama, Selcuk-Ephesus, Temple of Artemis, archaeological sites, such as Metropolis and the historic and culturally one of the most important cities of Turkey. İzmir is also the natural habitat of many others. Kordon, Izmir Wildlife Park, Homer Valley, Inciralti many areas, such as the Urban Forest and İzmir people could take a sigh of relief, may spend his time intertwined with

Things to Do in Canakkale

Canakkale, located in northwest Anatolia, on the shore of the Dardanelles, a city of great importance historically. Çanakkale, which also has many natural beauty, tourism has developed more generally regions where the Gallipoli campaign. Especially thanks to Anzac Day held each year is visited by thousands of tourists from Australia and from New Zealand.

The Gallipoli Peninsula is the site of the Battle of Çanakkale, has an important role to our nation. The epic struggle was a difficult period in our country today, it remains one of the cornerstones of our history. This glorious battles fought to protect the homeland territory of over 250 soldiers have been killed and more lost their lives in this land of the enemy. Gallipoli Peninsula, Battlefields, monuments and battlefields visited more closely examine the traces of this relentless struggle, history you can see more closely.

Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park, was established on an area of 33 000 hectares, many ships, artillery, trench, the castle and many more in this park and are protected under the legacy of the war. Culture and history of this region is one of the important places that should be visited Gallipoli way that everyone falls.

      Çanakkale region and in the world in terms of oxygen production in the Alps after Ida, has many natural and cultural wealth. Ida is the highest mountain in the Biga peninsula, Aegean and Marmara region has the edge. Many endemic plant species, including the Ida Mountains, thanks to its rich vegetation is also home to many animals. Nature lovers will enjoy, this is a great place, one of Turkey’s most important natural beauty.

Turkey tours

Turkey tour companies in all sectors as well as in competition compete with each other to give the best service to its customers.

Tourism companies preparing Turkey tour packages have to prepare by considering the important details. Gives priority to people who will participate in the tour prices in Turkey tour is one of the details. Turkey tour campaigns prepared by experts who will participate in the tour offered. Although a tour of the priority fair price-quality companies means potential customers. If round trips to Turkey how efficient and fun people who participated in the tour company next time it will be enough to choose.

More preferred by foreign tourists and domestic tourists increased in recent times round trips to Turkey and propelled them to. Each region’s diverse cultural, natural and historical structure of the site to see, without being tied to a place within the tour program was preferable to visit the place a lot.

Very close to a more environmentally-day tours will be limited to a share of people’s cause reduced. Tour companies more tours day tours to the front, rather than the long-term. Three – five-day tours accommodation, catering, entertainment, increase the detail and quality of the work more complicated entered into the stands.

How long this business since joining the company made a tour of the firm’s equity will need to know the contents of the history and tour packages. Although sometimes the best tours randomly firms experienced a more organized tour programs that companies can pass satisfactory.

Things to Do in Mersin

Located in Mersin on the Mediterranean coast, history and natural beauty, sea, sand and sun is one of Turkey’s most important cities. Mersin has 321 km of coastline due to both tourism and economically developed city.

Myrtle beach in the hot and humid air can enter the year thanks to the many possible. Been able to attract the attention of tourists in Mersin hotel management developed in this respect, one of the sectors. Thanks to these hotels can enjoy the sea and sand during the day, until late at night, have fun.

  Mersin Alahan Monastery, Heaven and Hell Pits, Maiden’s Castle and contribute to tourism in Turkey with tourist attractions such as Yumuktepe. Alahan Monastery in the vicinity of the town of Mut in Mersin, which has a large area, with descriptions of the various bust and has a texture. Yumuktepe in the center and an important archaeological place. Heaven and Hell Pits formed as a result of natural events, attractions deep caves that are important ways. Another important tourist center in Mersin’s Castle, is located 23 km from the town of virtuous. Kizkalesi hosts many historic structures in castles, churches, aqueducts, cisterns is an important part. In recent years, restoration and re-earned Kizkalesi, is the subject of many stories.

Tantuni came to mind Mersin cezerye and important dishes in the region. Especially prevalent in Tarsus cezerye, carrots, sugar, walnuts and coconut walnut A sweet. Tantuni wrap the meat with a unique variety of Mersin. To do this is to eat everyone’s falling in Mersin way to add a little excitement to taste.

Things to Do in Trabzon

In the Eastern Black Sea region history, natural beauty, lush green nature of Trabzon, the pearl of the Black Sea state. The Black Sea on one side and blue on the other, many shades of green is a must find in Trabzon with spectacular natural attractions. Trabzon, which has been home to many cultures, different ages that you can see from the many historic structures is possible.

With different kinds of food is one of the cities in Trabzon, Turkey’s assertive. Especially the Black Sea anchovy cuisine is identified with many dishes, can be found in Trabzon. Anchovy in the region, corn and cabbage dishes come to the fore. You can easily see many of these materials in the meal. Tatması way to do this is everyone falling Trabzon cuisine, complemented with on a tea drinking. The first places that come to mind when tea Trabzon ideal drink tea with wonderful landscapes, is one of the rare cities.

Uzungol without a doubt one of the most important places in Trabzon sightseeing. Uzungol common forests, steep slopes, natural beauty and welcomes many tourists every year. The old wooden houses around the lake to keep pace with the natural beauty, have acquired an important place in the magnificent view.

Is built on a steep cliff of Trabzon Sumela Monastery is one of the most important symbols. Macka district of Trabzon, this monastery has an important place historically. Providing a major contribution to tourism in this monastery in Trabzon in 2010, with the permission of the Government of the Republic of Turkey was held 88 years after the ritual. Inside the church is covered with frescoes, figures of the Virgin Mary, Bible paintings and depictions of Jesus are noteworthy.